A faith-inspiring tour through the British Museum.

The British Museum and its priceless artefacts from millennia of human history are an absolute must-see when visiting London. Our Bible in the British Museum tour will take you on a journey where the Old Testament comes to life.

We will see the oldest known depiction of a Biblical king and take a closer look at the interaction of Israel and Judah with the Assyrian Empire. We also will see one of the oldest inscriptions of the name of God, the Babylonian flood epic, the Cyrus cylinder and hear how these and other archaeology give evidence to the veracity of the Biblical narrative.

The Bible in the British Museum tour is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in the historicity of the Jewish and Christian Holy Scriptures and for people of faith to deepen their conviction of the Bible’s authenticity.

Approximate duration: 90-120 minutes.


Important: when entering the British Museum you will need to go through security, which includes a bag search. If you arrive with large bags and trolleys of any size you will be refused entry to the museum. You are responsible to arrange storage for your luggage/bags prior to your arrival at the British Museum. For more Information, you can visit the British Museum website.

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